NSFOCUS DDoS Threat Report 2013

The purpose of this report is to provide industry insight into the trends, methods and tactics of DDoS attacks, and examine how the DDoS attack has grown into the dark side of the Internet business throughout the year of 2013.

The “NSFOCUS DDoS Threat Report 2013” provides statistical analysis and key observations based on 244,703 real-life incidents of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that occurred throughout 2013. Data is collected from a mix of large global enterprises, financial institutions, regional telecom operators, tier-1 and tier-2 data centers, and hosting companies. The DDoS attacks covered in this report were either tracked by the NSFOCUS Threat Response and Research (TRR) team at each of our global network operation centers (NOCs), or were mitigated by the Managed Security Service (MSS) team for customers and partners around the world. Each incident is uniquely identified and categorized. A thorough and methodical forensic study was conducted on each attack that was either mitigated directly by NSFOCUS or captured and submitted by our customers and technology partners.

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